Thursday, May 30, 2013

All the same and a little bit different

Well the house is STILL for sale. I am still sick of cleaning and showings.

The kids are still stressed and worried about the move, getting on each others nerves and driving me crazy.
OK. that would most likely be happening anyway!

We still don't have our little house on the Prairie, nor do we know where the kids will go to school.

So, really there is nothing new to write about.

But life is always new. There are flowers in the backyard. The birds are nesting in the trees next door. Teresa learned to whistle. Catherine has weaned (there is another post in that one). Carlo now loves math and wants to do math work sheet every day after school. Francis won top prize at the regional tournament for Destination Imagination. (Where they work in teams to solve creative problems.)

Everywhere I look there is newness. Life is happening around me everywhere. I can't keep myself locked in my house cleaning, worrying and stressing about the future. I need to get out, breath the air, see the flowers, live the new life that is there for me.

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