Thursday, May 29, 2014

Our six year old insisted that we buy lemons the other day. I thought it was a strange request but considering he was not begging for candy I was happy to comply.  Early the next morning before school he set about his project. After asking for a few tools he set about making his lemons into lemonade.  His sisters were his enthusiastic assistances. Yes they make a mess but they also make amazing lemonade.
More then that they worked together to make something wonderful just because he wanted to. How often do I have a great idea that never gets of the ground because it might not work.  Or even more often gets half started and then left in the pile of "do later". (Right now there is a half pair of socks to knit, a quilt to make,  a raised planter with no soil.)
I have alot to learn from this amazing boy.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Skeleton in the closet

I finally did it.  I washed, dried and put away the winter coats. My local friends say I'm save. That summer is basically here. But I am having a hard time trusting.  This is a little silly as it has been plus 20 or more every day this week, the apple trees are in bloom and Ryan had already mowed the lawn three times. It is so hot now in the afternoon that I have turned the air conditioner on. But still I am just not sure this is here to stay. I never knew I had trust issues.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spring time on the Prairies

Spring is a crazy time here. It takes a very long time to get here, but when it is here it comes with a vengeance. I think it needs to prove that it is really as strong as winter. It does this by speeding thing up beyond any thing I have ever seen. I am not joking. This weekend I went to look at the trees in the back yard to see if we had any leaf buds. I saw some small little green buds of hope. In the afternoon I was outside again with the kids and did a double take on the same trees. The buds had grown at least 3 mm. In three hours!
As my father-in-law said if you want to see spring time on the Prairie you better bring a lawn chair because if you go back inside you will miss it.

Friday, May 9, 2014

New life in the rafters

I love spring.  What an amazing season.  Right now there are tulips coming up in my flower bed. I find this amazing  I planted them in October right before the snow fell. They have been buried in frozen dirt and snow for months.  And now they are peecking out about to show their beauty to the world.
And in my backyard I have robins bluiding a nest under my deck. These birds that have been gone for so long that I sort of forgot that they ever came up here.  Now they are planning on starting a family in my yard.
Spring is an easy time to have hope, to have faith and trust in new beginnings.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

There and back again

We just got back from an epic journey to Vancouver island.  Ok, we did not meet any dragons or trolls, but the journey was long (just me and the four kids flew alone. Ryan came on his own for only one week)
We had many adventures.  And lots of great times with the cousins!