Thursday, May 29, 2014

Our six year old insisted that we buy lemons the other day. I thought it was a strange request but considering he was not begging for candy I was happy to comply.  Early the next morning before school he set about his project. After asking for a few tools he set about making his lemons into lemonade.  His sisters were his enthusiastic assistances. Yes they make a mess but they also make amazing lemonade.
More then that they worked together to make something wonderful just because he wanted to. How often do I have a great idea that never gets of the ground because it might not work.  Or even more often gets half started and then left in the pile of "do later". (Right now there is a half pair of socks to knit, a quilt to make,  a raised planter with no soil.)
I have alot to learn from this amazing boy.

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