Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Have wheels, Will Ride

This weekend all of the kids (almost) got to a new level on their bikes.
When our stuff got here on Monday one of the first things that the kids got out where their bikes. Francis was the most excited. With the quite family neighbourhood we now live in, he could ride on his own to the school, park, or just around the neighbourhood. He just hopped on his bike and went! This is the freedom I dream of for my kids.
Teresa was a bit more nervous. She had ridden before the move but not a lot. While, after half an hour of me walking beside her, she was complaining that I was way too slow and she was also off on her own.
Carlo was scared to start off on his two wheeler. He had not had a lot of chances to ride before. Dad took him for a short ride and he feel in love. But he still needed help to start off. The next day we all when on a family ride, me walking, Dad with Catherine in the bike seat and the rest on wheels. I am not a very fast paced person normally but with my added belly my waddling speed as gone even slower. I would help him get going and he would speed off the keep up with the others. At some point he would stop and need to wait for me to catch up. While he got bored of that really fast. One time he just gave up on me and started off on his own. I wish I had got a picture of his face. He was so proud and happy!
Watching them ride is like watching them fly. These little people that use to be so small, so completely part of me, now off in the distance. So free, so confidant. I swell with pride. No, not really pride. Because I have done nothing to make this happen. I swell with thankfulness, that I have them in my life, that they have this gift and that I get to see it.

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