Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March madness

I know that I write a lot about the weather on this Blog, but there is a lot of weather to talk about, and now it is March. And March is crazy. Yesterday was 10 degrees. I was out in a t-shirt listening to the birds singing. This morning I woke up to this!

Come on, I know it is only -4 and that this afternoon the dusting will be gone but it is like Mother Nature is laughing at us. I can't keep up with her. One minute the road is covered with puddels that will swallow a car and the next it is a skating rink. In the moring on the walk to school the kids need parkas and on the walk home they need gum boots and snorkels. I see now it is not months and months of deep winter that is crazy, it is a 40 degree change in two weeks and jumping from Antaratica to New Mexcio in a day that is really crazy.