Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lest We Forget

I am having to adjust to live with a new born again. You would think that I would remember what it was like. And I do, sort of. I remember in that foggy romantic way that we remember hard times in the past that we are glad we went thought but are just as glad are now over. I remember the good part and the funny parts and a few of the bad parts but the bad part I remember with a little grin and think "But it was worth it" And of course it was.

But now I am living it again. And I am remembering more things. Like how you can only do one thing in a day. Really only one thing. And cooking dinner counts as one thing!

Well, Monday was the first real day without my mom here to help out. She flew back Sunday morning, leaving behind the sound of wailing, and tiers. (Mine and Babies) I was thinking that at almost 5 weeks post-partum I should be fine to get back to "normal" life. So out of bed I get. First I have to get the kids off to school. That went mostly smoothly. Every one got breakfast, most people got lunch (sorry Ryan) and they were on time (I think). Then I had a dentist appointment. I have taken kids and babies to the dentist before so I was not worried plus we were not due there until 10 am so we had lots of time to get dressed. That was a good thing.

I forgot how hard it is to get dressed while holding a crying baby. How do you get your pants done up? Once I figured that out, I had to help "big" girl get dressed. This is a lot more like negotiations at the UN then actual help. With that all done we now had 10 minutes to make a 10 minute drive. That is perfect right? Oh no, I forgot how long it takes to buckle and unbuckle two little car seats. OK now only 5 mins left to drive the 10 min drive.

So, I arrive at the dentist a few minute late with a screaming baby and a toddler who really wants to take off her own boot and coat. Not my most subtle entrance ever. I got a few looks which I ignore. But the dental hygienist herself looked a little bewilder as I processed down to her station with my entourage.

To her credit, she did not bat an eye at me breastfeeding while I got my teeth cleaned and she had the where-with-all to offer our "big" girl a prize half way through for being so patient. But her composer did slip a moment when she asked if it was harder having two then just one and I told her I actually have five.

At the end of that adventure it was home for a nap. That definitely counted as my "one thing". So needless to say it was frozen chicken nuggets for dinner.

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