Friday, June 5, 2015

DIY Lady

Ok this might be bragging or boastful but look what I made!

I mean the baby carrier. Yes, I also made the baby but I can't take total credit for him.

I have been using a ring sling for the last few months with this little guy, but now that he is not so little my back was getting pretty sore. I could not find my old mei-tai carrier. (I think it got lost in the move). So crazy lady I am, instead of buying a new one, I make one.

I think the prairie pioneering spirit is infecting me!

(If you want the instructions I followed check out

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  1. Did my first comment get eaten? :)

    That looks really cool. Good for you for making it! I have a ring sling and an Ergo but I've never tried making a carrier. We lost some things in the move too... mostly kitchen stuff (like my pizza stones, which I'm not missing). Makes me wonder where it got to???