Thursday, July 25, 2013

Singing in the rain

The weather yesterday is what I am now coming to know as a normal Prairie summer day. And it followed Carlo's mood with the same ever changing nature. It started out cloudless and beautiful. After a slow start to the morning we headed to the local park/school ground. There were lots of other kids there to play with but my kids where all still pretty unsure about going up to strange kids and asking to play. Carlo and Francis went off in their own separate directions to entreating themselves while Teresa sat with me. The sun was hot and my snacks and water ran out pretty fast. After about an hour or so of playing Carlo was running through the grass and something hurt him. I have no idea what but this sent him into a screaming, cry ball of furry. He just screamed at me, his siblings and anyone else who looked at him. It was time to go home!

After a drink of water and some lunch Carlos felt much better. We decided to head off to a wadding pool/playground down town. It was also filled with kids, but this time my kids jumped right into playing and swimming. They where having a blast and then the clouds came, fast. Just like Carlo mood the weather changes fast here! The sky turned black and the rain started. Every one in the park ran for cover and headed home except Carlo! He was having so much fun in the pool he did not get out. He played in the poring rain, full of live and joy. The poor live guard had to stand at the edge of the pool in a rain slicker for 20 minutes for only him. The rest of us sat under the cover of the change room roof soaking in his joy.
Until the thunder came! Then a live guard made him get out and he is still mad that the ruined his fun.

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