Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I have always struggled with the idea of mortification. Why would I do something on purpose to make life harder? Well, never fear. God gave me the perfect opportunity for mortification with out me even trying.

My kids have wanted to go to the swimming pool for ever. I have always had a reason why it would not work. Chiefly that I can not take them on my own because you need one adult for every 2 kids. Well, on Canada day my husband said that we could go all together. Great! The kids were over the moon.

I got all the gear together, towels, goggles, snacks, and suits. SUITS! My baby belly has grown to a healthy but also generous size. My regular swim suit was not going to fit no matter what. My last maternity swim suite has long since left this world for the great pool in the sky. The only suit I have that will fit is a hand-me-down for one of my sisters. I have no idea what my sister was thinking when she bought this suit or what I was thinking when I kept it.

I was going to post a picture but they would have to change my rating! Let me describe it. It is a bubble gum pink one piece. It is high cut on the leg and low cut at the chest. Actually it is so low cut that it almost came down to my navel. To add to the fashion it has a tortoise shell clasp about 3 or 4 inches down the chest bringing the two sided together. This makes the suite have a chest the is low cut, closes and then open again even lower! It was hideous! And on my soft (read chubby) pregnant body it was down right scary!

But in order for all my kids to go into the pool, I went out into public in this suite. I think I have filled my mortification quota for awhile.

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  1. Ok. This is ALL My Fault!!! I will admit it. I bought the suit - on sale at Winner's but worse than that I wore it once, realized how truly hideous it was and put it in the hand-me-down basket for one of my unsuspecting sisters. In my defense this was more than a decade ago - so clearly I bought an excellent quality (if ugly) bathing suit. Monique, my apologies.