Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Forgive me, I'm new here

Oh my!
My neighbour just came by to tell me that I was flooding the whole street and turning it into a skating rink! You see, we have an underground sprinkler system and I had no idea that it had a turn off switch, or for that matter that you had to turn it off for the winter. It has been below zero here for the last week and a half, but today it warmed up. I think that the line to the underground sprinkler must have frozen and then defrosted and popped off spraying water by the gallon full down the street. I was in my happy, cozy home totally clueless. Yes, I saw the water in the street but I thought that must be the melt. How should I know, I have never lived in a winter wonderland before!
Well, with the help of my very nice neighbour the water is off now and I hope that I have not ruined my sprinkler for good.
I really feel like a new Canadian. It's me and all the other new immigrants that have no idea how to do these things. But at least they know that they don't know. I thought I knew winter, but I really had no idea.

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