Friday, November 22, 2013

Pride comes before the fall

Order and organization do not come naturally to me. But I thought that after years of parenting I at least had the basics down. Well, pride goes before the fall.
Thursday I was volunteering at the school book fair. This seemed like a good idea before the cold snap. The temperature that morning was -19. That sound ok until you factor in the windchill. It felt like -30. That is cold. Not just a little cold for the wimpy west coasters but real cold.
So I have to get not just the three school kids ready for the walk to school with all the gear up also my self and the little one. So far so good. I added ten more minutes onto the morning routine and we were all out the door in time. Mitts, hats, snow pants, coats, scarves and all.
I get to the school on time and all is well. Until the little one poops in her diaper. This is not the problem. She is 2 and not toilet trained. I expect this, right.
We go off to clean her up. Oh wait, I totally forgot to bring diapers. By some miracle I have wipes in my bag, but nothing to wear after. There is still 2 hours in my volunteer shift. Plus as I mentioned before it is -30! There is no was I was going to run home to get more. It takes ten minutes just to get all the gear on!
What to do!?
The only thing I have in my bag is a maxi-pad. I stick it to the inside of her pants and hope for the best.
It actually worked fine. She was a little uncomfortable and needless to say I have restocked my bag. But you all need to know that I really do not have it all together!