Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Shrove Tuesday Cake

After a fun morning of visiting cousins and swimming, our 9 year old daughter was bored. I suggested that seeing as it was that last day to eat sweets before lent we could bake a cake. But I was nursing the baby. She thought she could do it herself.

To be honest, I was not sure she was up for it but I try to not underestimate my kids so I let her lose in the kitchen. Look what happened!

She did great! 

It is amazing what happens when we let our kids free a little at a time. Yes, I was scared that the kitchen would be a mess (it was), and that she would burn herself (she did not) but I kept my mouth shut and let her go. I want our home to be a safe place to learn and grow and make mistakes. Kids need that space. If we protect them too much they never see what they are capable of. If we throw them to the wolves without first trying things out in our home they could get really hurt. But at home, I am here to support (or get the burn cream). The hardest part is keeping myself from taking over. But I think it is paying off.

Who knew a cake could do so much?

Happy Lent everyone.

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