Thursday, January 7, 2016

Post Christmas Craft idea

Around here we find letting go of Christmas hard. It is a little sad to take down all the festive decorations. The living room feels empty with out a tree and lights. And I really hate recycling Christmas cards. 

But this Post-Christmas craft has been fun and helped a little with the post Christmas blues. 

How to Make Boxes Out of Christmas Cards:

Step One: Cut the card into two pieces down the fold of the card.

Step Two: Take a ruler or and mark a line form one corner to the other and again with the other corners. This will give you the centre of the card.

Step Three: Fold each side so the edge of the card reaches to the middle of the card (Your X you just made). It helps to crease the fold with the ruler. 

Step Four: On one side cut the creases until they mean the creases going in the opposite direction. Then do it again on the other side. 

Step Five: Fold the flaps you have just cut in and glue them together forming the side of the box. 

Do this on both sides.

Step Six: Now fold the middle flap over the top of the two flaps you glued together and glue it down as well. Again, repeat on the other side. And now you have the top of your box.

Step Seven: Now you get to make the bottom of your box exactly the same way but you need to make it a little smaller so that it will fit. Cut off 1/4 inch off each side of the other piece of card before you start and you are set. 

We use them to give small gifts, or even pack up little ornaments. 

Have fun!

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