Friday, September 6, 2013

Big Wheels

In most ways our new school is like our old school. Faith is at the center of student life, kids are happy and welcoming and teachers are professionals who like kids and excel at teaching. But there are some major differences.
First of all there are a LOT of kids. The new school as two of each class starting with preschool and going until grade 8. All of us have found this overwhelming. Including the mother tiring to see over the sea of other mothers.
One of the other differences is the modes of transportation. Tons of kids are on bikes or on foot. In our old school there was maybe a handful of kids that were self propelled. Here it is just normal.
Also there is a school bus. Yes, a good old fashioned yellow school bus that drives around the neighbourhood. I feel a little bit like I am in a Beverly Cleary novel!
Lots of cars are still parked our side the school. But still, I love a school that has that many bike racks and they still need more.

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