Monday, September 16, 2013

WGM... Weird Grief Moment

I have coined a new term, a WGM, or a weird Grief Moment.

These WGM can happen at any time. For example, when the bereaved mother is sent to the Liquor store for a few beer to bring to a BBQ, and she comes back not with one case but two and a bottle of wine because she could not decide and plus they were giving out samples.

Or while sitting in line at the local Co-op gas bar, the before mentioned mother contemplated applying for the help wanted add for a gas jockey. Why... well I don't really know... but I could.

Or again when the thought crossed the grieving mothers mind that they should get a puppy because if she can't have a baby at least she can have a dog. (Ok that thought did not last long, and luckily sanity returned before she could say anything to any of the kids.)

But if you think that WGMs are reserved for the mother, rest assured that fathers also experience this phenomenon. Although their WGMs do tend to be less frequent, they are more momentous.

for example, buying a motorcycle!

Or Two!!!!!

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