Saturday, January 4, 2014

Lesson 2: Wind Chill

I have heard the term wind chill since I was a kid. I sort of got what it meant. It was colder then it said on the thermometer.

Well, now I understand what wind chill means. Everyone here really understands, on a almost spiritual level what wind chill means. We can feel it in our bones, literally!

According to CBC news,  because we don't experience cold as the air temperature but instead our skin temperature, how fast the wind removes the heat from our skin changes how we feel the cold (and how fast our skin freezes, and yes that really happens here)

For example, this warning was issued by Environment Canada a few hours ago.

Extreme wind chills colder than minus 40 over the weekend.

Northwest winds behind yesterday's storm system will usher in much colder temperatures for the weekend. Wind chills of minus 40 to minus 45 are likely across Southern Saskatchewan for the next day or so. The coldest wind chills are expected on Sunday morning, when widespread wind chills between minus 45 and minus 50 are expected.

So Sunday morning the air temperature will be -33. This is really cold. So cold that it is like being slapped in the face when you walk out side. But because of the wind stealing what warmth my body can make, it will feel like -48! I am not sure what that feels like. Probably like me covering my face with a scarf and running as fast as I can into the church doors. 

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