Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Terrific Twos

I love two year olds. They get a bad rap but really they are wonderful. Who else are so willing to help that they will insist that they can unload the dish washer even when they clearly cannot reach the top draw.

 When else in our life are we so confident that we clearly can do anything anyone else can, like ice skating with out help, doing up our own seat belt and playing the piano really loudly.

Two year olds are very zen. They live in the moment, this moment, all the time. So in this moment of trying to get the big kids off to school and lunches packed, of course she wants the fig bar that her brother is getting in his lunch, right now. No, not later, now. When it is explained that those are for lunch, she asks if she can have lunch right now.

Who else is so free to feel proud of their achievements. With no shame, will tell everyone she sees that she pooped in the potty. And why should she not, it is a big deal and they will clearly want to join in the celebrations!

It is too bad that we unlearn all this.Yes, patience and putting others before oneself is very important, but I wish we could learn those virtues while still keeping that confidence, magnanimity, and sense of the present.

Not to mention other people thinking that your fat thighs are really cute.

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