Friday, January 3, 2014

On the mend

Thank you so much to all of you who sent us your prayers, thoughts and helpful advice. To Anna's mom a special thank you for the throat tea recipe.

We are on the mend. Ryan is almost recovered. He still has a sore throat but he can talk and eat. And being that amazing Dad he is took the kids out sledding today. He mostly stayed in the van and the kids got cold so fast and wanted to come home that it did not take too much out of him.

I am getting better. I still have the worst soar throat I think I have ever had. But I ate some pureed soup today. This is a wonderful gift.

I hope you do not think we were very gravely ill. Yes, it was bad but I new I would get better and I have all the support to make it as easy as possible. But it has got me thinking of all the people that don't have those things. Lots of people are living with terminal illness, in pain that has no cure, or in conditions that means a bad cold CAN kill you. May the angles give them comfort. May we see how blessed we are.