Monday, March 23, 2015

Boil, boil, toil and trouble

As you know I like to make things on my own. Things that most people would rather buy because it costs more to make it, takes lots of time or is of better quality bought from a store. Things like bread, mittens, cheese and jam. I could say that I love the process and that home-made is so much better then store bought. That I can put love into these things as I make them. And sometimes this is true. I think that we have lost something by separating our selves from the process of creation. I feel closer to the Creator while I am creating. But sometimes the process is fraught with mistakes, the end product is spotty at best and I am putting in more swear words than love.

Well, now I have a new way to explore the world of do-your-self. My brother in law bought me a beer making kit for Christmas. And you can imagine how excited I was. Of course I was 2 days post-partum, so it took me a while to get working.

But once started this project had all the highlights of my other at home projects. Plus a few surprises. The first day involved a trip to the hospital!
Little did I know that cutting a hole in the top of the fermentation bucket could be such a sacrificial gift on the part of my long suffering husband.

I learned a lot, had a lot of fun and laughs. But I also got very wet, spilt beer all over the carpet, used some words I should not have and got very confused.

But last night was the moment of truth.  And you know, it was worth it. (Well, maybe if we forget the hospital visit).

We gave the human sacrifice the first glass!

I am already researching my next brew. Any requests?


  1. Yes! Can I come over for beer, say right now?? Surely my flight can come out of the salty snacks budget...
    Anyway, congrats! You look so proud!

  2. please no human appedages in my next glass