Friday, March 13, 2015

The Spring is On It's Way

I am ready for spring.
Last year I had more fun in the winter then I did this year. We went out snowshoeing and for family walks. We went sledding tons. And I am sure you remember our rink!  But this year I'm ready for spring. I'm tired of mittens and hats and coats. Tired of the wind slapping me in the face. Luckily the weather is cooperating. This week most of our snow is starting to melt. Of course this means the whole town is in a giant mud puddle. But it has got me excited about my garden. So in a leap of hope and faith I have started my seeds. I think starting spring seeds is the ultimate show of hope. Hope that the winter really will be over one day. One day the ground in my backyard will be soft enough to actually dig. So little seeds, I have great hope for you.

Here's to spring on the prairies!

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