Friday, October 25, 2013

A Thank-You For a Thankless Job

As parents, our job is mostly a thankless one. We get up in the morning, make breakfast, do the dishes, makes lunches, pack the back packs, kiss the ouchies, wipe the noses, clean the smelly diapers, do the laundry, clean the house, make money to then spend it all on groceries, make dinners that mostly get eaten, brush teeth, and sing the lullabies. Most days we hear nothing back, on a bad day we hear "yuck", "no", and "that is not what I wanted" accompanied with eye-roles or tiers.

But every once and a while we will get something that make up for it all. Last night while sitting down to help with home work after supper I was given this note. (I have left the spelling as is)

To: Mom

I love you! You are so nice. I love it when you knit stuff for people. You are awesum. You are so good at helping me at stuff (espspcely kniting.) I don't know why I am writing this note I just feel like writing.

Yours truly,


I don't know if I will ever receive any thing this meaningful every again.